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Is it worth buying? 2006 with only 24k miles

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Hello! I have an opportunity to purchase a 2006 Sport Supercharged, that has lived in a garage most of its life, was an extra vehicle, maintained perfectly, taken extreme care of, and only has 24k miles. I know very little about Range Rovers other than I love driving them, and think they're fantastic. My only concern is that being that it's nearly 13 years old now, even with the low miles, I'll be opening up a can of worms I wish I had passed on. I can purchase it for somewhere in the neighborhood of $17k US. I hear suspension tends to be an issue, wondering what else to be scared of. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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There some items that fail due to age... rubber items like belts dry out and tyres may have flat spots or cracking if it has not been driven on a regular basis. As a second car obviously it was driven occasionally so I wouldn't worry about it. If it had been sitting for years then you have dry gaskets and seals to worry about. There is nothing to be "scared of". All of the tales of woe and desperation are mostly a Range Rover urban legend.

I inherited a 95 LWB special ordered by a family member. It was mostly driven in a dry environment in Eastern Washington with occasional trips in winter over Stevens Pass. It did sit for 9 months clearing up the estate and none my Aunt's kids want the "old Rover". It was always garage kept and when I brought her home I rolled over 28K miles in 2006, 11 years old. The only issue I had during my care was leaky valve cover gaskets. EAS was still operational, heater core was perfect and A/C was still ice cold. All due to over maintenance and detailed care.

Sounds like a similar situation with your 2006. You may have a few age related glitches, but the benefits of a low mileage, perfectly maintained rig far out weigh any fears you may have.
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Price might be a little high. But it probably has a full service history or can get it from a LR-Jag dealer which will tell you about any parking brake or airlift issues. The rest is routine maintenence. It is a tough truck and with the supercharged unit, a blast.
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