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2010-2012 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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My other main vehicle is a 2012 Sprinter RV, which also has a fairly poor nav system, so I set that up with a ProClip dash mount for my iPad Mini 3. I use Google Maps or Waze almost all the time when driving, along with several apps for finding RV parks, restaurants, etc. The Sprinter head unit will also allow me to use Bluetooth to stream music stored on the iPad or Pandora, which I know we can't do directly to the head unit in my 2011 HSE Lux. Unfortunate.

Is there a dash or windshield mount that you like for an iPad or other medium tablet? I also have an Android phone, and could use that instead. With a tablet it probably needs to be positioned just above the nav screen, to not obscure that or the windshield. A phone could probably go to one side or other of the nav screen. A windshield suction cup mount with an arm of the correct length might work alright.

Is it possible to use an Apple Lightning connector to 30-pin adapter to plug into the iPod connector in the center console to charge and play audio (stored music and Pandora)? If not, I see that there is an aux audio input at the back of the center console, is there another more convenient one? Ideally I'd like to have one cable from the iPad Lightning connector that splits to USB fast charging and audio, but the ones I see on Amazon are poorly rated due to static in the audio.

Any other solutions?
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