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2001 P38 4.6 Vogue
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Afternoon all,

As a nice change from the issues and requests for help I thought I’d introduced myself. 👋

Looking after this for my dad whilst he’s working abroad, he’s owned it for 6 years after going over to Ireland to pick it up. It’s gas converted, still on the original air suspension and tidies up well for a 20yr old motor.

The forum has help loads so far just going through and reading past experiences and fixes that have been detailed (not to mention access to Rave!)

BB278D3F-9A07-4E9A-8BD1-7FB0A18F1123.jpeg B925A7D8-6FB7-475F-B90A-64D3219376B0.jpeg 411208CF-93E2-4E7D-B724-C43F5AF8B4DE.jpeg
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