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Introduction, etc..

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Just got this 92 County. 139K one owner, Plymouth blue/tan, has running boards, trailer towing, waterproof seat covers, rear cargo liner, and roof top lockable luggage carrier.

Seems in great shape and well cared for except...

Brake and ABS lights on, and no power brakes. Previous owners mechanic says needs $4000 ABS pump (the reason she sold it).
Headliner is sagging.
Passenger seat controls intermittent, seat back doesn't lean forward.
Console wood cracked.
Oh, and there was a new set of 205/80/16 Goodyear Wranglers in the back. Has 235/70/16 Michelins on it with lots of tread.

Suspect I will be a frequent visitor here getting into the RRC owner experience.
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An ABS pump will set you back $1k.
Getting it fitted... depends if you do it yourself, or get a pro to do it.

Due to my limited knowledge, if it's more than pads or rotors, I get a pro to work on the brake system...

Looks like a nice classic though, odd that there were some original equipment size tyres in the back of the RR..
I don't ave ABS on mine but I think some have gotten rid of the ABS altogether because of the cost. That could technically be illegal because brakes are a safety item, but who would know if you didn't tell them. Others on here could say better about the conversion. Search this forum and you'll probably find something.

The seat switch is a common problem. They be can carefully be disassembled and cleaned. I've done that on both of mine.

Does look like a nice rig. Your first Rover?

Good luck
Did some digging and found the ABS fuse was blown. Had to grind slots in new fuse which immediately blew. Did checking with meter and no shorts to ground on circuit until ABS pump plugged in. Looks like it does need an ABS Pump. Looking for one now.

Yep, this is my first Rover.
RDK, are you the same person from Rennlist??? I have seen that RDK on the Porsche site before.

Either way, welcome. Before you go out and get a new ABS pump, give the guys here time to help you run through some other tests. The Rovers are know to have some of the best (tongue in check) electonics of any truck. :lol: :lol:

Good Luck, this is a great site.

1993 LWB Plymouth Blue
Yep, the 92 Classic is to supplement my GTS.

There is voltage going to the pump and it is not running.
Cracked me up when I saw the wiring diagrams in the Owner's Manual `)
Glad to have you on board. If you haven't done so yet I would suggest downloading the RAVE manual for the 1995 Classic. Here - http://green-oval.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=13&Itemid=29 CD 3. Read the directions to burn to CD as an image. This is for the 1995 Classic. There are many things in this manual that that will help you through problem. I would also suggest a shop manual for your year. You can get this through many of the vendors on this site. They have alot better electrical schematics. Neither the RAVE or the shop manual is as good as PET that I used on my Porsche. Not even close, but helpful.

Must of the time the guys on this forum offer some every valuable information. That information, along with the main site here can get you through much of the repairs.

Rovers are a simpler to work on than the Porsches but have thier quirks just like the 928s. The community is not as large. There are probably about 3-4 Classics here in San Antonio. There is no Roger Tyson in Dallas with friendly help and great prices, most of the vendors are on both coasts.

Good luck and again welcome aboard. I hope that one of the guys that has a hell of alot more knowledge than I do will chime in on your ABS. On the seat electrics ther are many great writeups here that will guide you through the cleaning etc. If you can't find the window information give me a shout and I will help you.

Love the color. Same as mine, only mine is a LWB model.

1993 Plymouth Blue LWB
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Thanks Parker,
Did the RAVE thing. Also found a troubleshooting guide for the brakes and ABS. All signs point to the pump. The motor itself is grounding out.
Found a Rover dismantler here in OKC, Rover Cannibal. Seems like a good place for parts, will see. Say they will have me a good pump guaranteed to make enough pressure and a 90 day warrantee by Tuesday. My main goal right now is to get the brakes working so I can get it tagged. In Oklahoma a person from the tag agency has to come out an verify mileage on vehicles brought in from out of state. Just not at all comfortable driving anywhere besides around the block without power brake assist.

So far my impression is the RRC is that it is the absolute opposite type of vehicle as my 928 GTS :) But both do have a reputation for high maintenance and electrical gremlins.

Not sure how many Classics are in my area, I did notice Okie Rover in Norman seems fairly active.
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Okie Rover has a informative web site - http://www.okierover.com. You can find the seat switch repair under the Rover Tech Tips section. There are some other goodies on the site as well. I think that Okie Rover has also used Rover Cannibal. At least it is close to you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

1993 Plymouth Blue LWB
It were the ABS pump. Slapped a used one in and buzz...brakes!
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