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Hi everyone,

After monitoring the classifieds on rangerovers.net for the last year or so looking for a 95 SWB, I finally tracked one down on eBay of all places.


I've driven Discos whilst in the UK and moved to North America around 5 years ago and was close on a couple of occasions to buying another disco, but I've always wanted the 95 SWB, so I held off until my recent purchase. I picked it up in Omaha, NE and drove back to Indianapolis, IN today, approx 600 miles without incident. It has the usual faults which will be mostly familiar to the forum and through various searches, I 've already bookmarked plenty of posts. Over the next few months, hopefully I'll tick them off one by one:

SRS light on dash is up (hopefully just needs reset, as there was a recent battery replacement)
ABS pre-check not working, but ABS appears to be fine
Driver’s seat not working, but operates mirrors (I will tackle this first and hopefully it's just the battery)
Driver seat leather in poor shape
Upper tailgate rusted
Headliner sagging
Engine Idles poorly and feels sluggish through the gears and going down the gears clunks going into first
Needs new central console gators and insert

I'm sure there will be a few more items to list as I get into it, but all in all not too bad and I think most, if not all items are already covered here, so I have a good head start. I will of course post my progress and will shout out to the forum when stuck for some expert advice.

Finally, if you see the post above which takes you to the eBay listing for the car, you will notice some very funky sheepskins that were with the car when I picked it up. They were removed as soon as I got it home, but they seem to be in good shape and of decent quality. Anyone that's interested in them, free of charge of course, send me a PM. I'll let them go to the first PM I receive who agrees to pay the shipping from Indiana, I'll send them anyway you like. I imagine this may appeal to the US and Canada due to lower costs, but I don't mind shipping overseas as long as you cover the shipping. I will of course have them cleaned first.

Anyway, hello to you all and thank you in advance for the much needed advice I'm surely going to need and hopefully it won't be too long before I can post some helpful advice as well.

I'll end this post by saying what a fantastic site this is and many thanks to the people responsible. Forums like this make it possible to keep these classics going strong and I hope to have mine for many years to come.




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Just realized that this resurrected thread is originally from May. I'm wondering if the owner still has the Rangie and the progress of the repairs. It looks really nice. I had a 91 RRC black and the paint is a PITA (especially under the Florida sun), but it is just beautiful.
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