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Hello everyone!

I'm Will, from New Hampshire USA. I actually don't drive a Range Rover, I drive a 1995 Honda Civic EX coupe with 232,xxxmi (paid $900) and a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder LE with 140k (paid $2200).

My brother however drives a dark blue Range HSE, 2004.

He works a lot and usually relies on me to find stuff online, as I'm always looking up car and motorcycle related stuff.

He told me his foglight lense is shattered. The housing is fine, the bezel and bulb I guess are fine, he just needs the lens.

I googled and tried multiple websites (how I found this site) and didn't have too much luck. It seems you really can't just google "OEM Range Rover lens" and get a decisive result.

SO, I made this username hoping I could post a help request, in hopes there's a lot of activity and perhaps one of you enthusiasts would be able to recommend a sure fire resolution.

However, in between checking my email for the verification, I called an 800 24/7 customer service number, and ended up ordering a Vision-X Fog Light Glass Lens ( http://www.landrparts.com/catalog/index ... 2487&Nty=1 ). The picture kind of sketched me out but the person on the line assured me that the bracket was just for an example, and the lens would fit into the bumper...

... I'm not entirely convinced.

Does anyone know if I made the right call? Or am I out $68 ( more than the $40 I spent to paint my Civic myself using flat black rustoleum and foam brushes in 24 degree NH weather! You know you want pics)

I hope you guys don't mind me making this username and really appreciate any help you can give me.
I'm pretty sure my brother wants to avoid the dealer, since he's already had his Range delivered to one on a flat bed.
Are there any good and decent parts places... ?

Thanks again!! :thumb:

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These are 2 very good resources for RR parts. You'll find this forum very active and filled with a lot of knowledge that you, or your brother should read thoroughly.
There's so much here that will keep you from having to go to the dealer (unless you want to spend $400 to change a tail light bulb)

The part you want is available from BPutah for $65, I'm sorry to say it looks like you wasted $68 on that other lens.

As for your username, go with whatever makes you happy.

Welcome to the forum, i hope you'll keep coming back.

While I remember, search for and download RAVE. It's an electronic user manual that is invaluable.

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You can also click on the link at the top of the forum page for RangeRovers.net, and that'll take you to the parent site with links to several Land Rover specific parts sources.
Welcome (to you and your vicarious brother) to The Forum! :dance:
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