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intro and a couple questions....dvd and floor mats

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First time RR owner here. My first post and expect to have many more. Long time car enthusiast......have owned 37 vehicles over the years. Have spent the last 21 years enjoying my 1997 Landcruiser (bought new) and decided it's finally time to upgrade. Just picked up my new 2018 Sport Supercharged Dynamic. I thought I did my research but never dawned on me the vehicle would not have a dvd player. The manual talks about it but was this an option(?).....never saw it discussed in all my research. Any way to retrofit or should I learn the new medium? Also, minor point, but the carpeted floor mats seem a little cheap/plain....anyone have suggestions for a good upgrade....had custom sisal mats in the Landcruiser that looked good but can't seem to find a vendor providing the same for this model. I'm sure I haven't learned all the features yet.....any tips regarding what features you more experienced owners like best? Thanks much.
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The CD/DVD player is a free option, however it takes up a large portion on the glovebox. So unless you really need it, I would go without. If I’m not mistaken the free mats are thinner than the premium mats ($205).
I have the DVD player.
Wanted to use it for MP3 cds/DVDs
So far it hasn’t worked for CD and DVD mp3 disks. It does work for WAV cds. Quality is good, but who has those anymore? Streaming is quite good nowadays.
I haven’t tried a DVD movie yet.

If I got the chance, I would not get the DVD player again. Depending on what you use it for, you might not miss it.

From the looks of it. Might be a simple plug and play? There’s room in the glovebox for it. But I haven’t really looked into it.

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