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Hello. I have a 2012 Range Rover HSE whose climate controls are out of whack on the drivers side. I believe the passenger side is working properly. The following is a description of the problem:

It was 50 degrees a couple weeks ago and when I put the temperature on 74 both passenger and drivers side. The passenger side appropriately began blowing warm air to get the temperature in the car up, however, the drivers side blew cold air. it was not AC - rather i'm pretty sure external air. When I turned the temp on the drivers side all the way to one notch before the max temp (~82) it still blew cold. Only when I pinned it to the max temp did the drivers side begin to blow warm air. I was told by Rover that's because at the max setting the interior temp sensor is overridden. I've tested a number of different scenarios and so far as i can tell the drivers side is reading ~10 or so degrees warmer than the passenger side. For example, if I set the passenger side at 70 degrees and drivers side at 80 degrees the temp of the air coming out of both sides is similar.

Based on this scenario and reading other posts if I could find the drivers side temp sensor I could maybe clean it up and it will be fine. or at worst replace it.

Any help appreciated!
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