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The elusive battery warning light is back :)
It originally flashed few times (about 3 months ago), and then went away....

Truck was sitting for about a week while I was away for work, when I started driving it again this came up:

It blinks every few minutes, and its like this:

quick blink....3min.....two quick blinks.....10min......quick blink......5min......long(er) blink.....20min.....quick blink.....etc

Above is rough estimate of how it comes on, this was during 600 mile trip (mostly highway), 60-75mph.

At every stop I have checked battery voltage, and with everything off its 13.00v, with all lights/heaters/accessories on (engine off) its 12.10v.
With engine on its 13.00v. Alternator voltage at idle is 13.85v. Have not checked voltage at 2000rpm, wife was afraid to step on it with my arms down in the engine bay :wink:

What do you think? Would bad voltage regulator make it act up like this? Is my alternator charing less than optimally? Any other electrickery ideas? :geek:

I have put about 800 miles on it since the light started blinking....thanks for your input.

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Sounds like your alternater is going bad. I had this same situation until one day the light stayed on. Very soon after the battery voltage dropped and the car died. I would get it hooked up to diagnostic equipment for a definative answer

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Man-O-War said:
Thank you for replies, I will look into replacement alternator options...
I've had the same issues as you three times. I would highly recommend you buy an alternator ASAP.

The last time I purchased one I bought it from this guy on ebay.


I spoke with him first and I got a good feeling about him and his quality. So far I've been happy. I cannot say that was the case with the previous alternators I purchased.

I detemined I had a faulty regulator by adapting my cheap Harbor Freight digital volt meter to the cigarette lighter outlet. I got instant feed back on the alternator voltage as I drove.
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