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I've had the dash alarm beeping at me over the past few weeks.
It happened especially when driving over speed humps but not all the time and also it happened once when cornering in town.
I put it down to an issue with the EAS and started to think of levels etc.
Checked with the Nanocom and I had a unknown error code showing ?
Cleared that and all was quiet for a few days but sods law it came back.
The car had started to feel..........I don't know how to put this..........but not right and the left front corner seemed to drop slightly when driving.
As I couldn't see anything wrong with the air side I decided to replace the eight year old Monroe Adventurers.
Nice easy job, four new shiny Terrafirma All Terrains.
What a difference, no alarms and a better ride quality.
I think I'd just got used to the deteriorating operation of the Monroe's but in all fairness they did me proud, towing the caravan, bit of off-roading and general running about.
Thought I'd put this up, as it may help someone else in the future :)
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