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Would anybody be able to guide me on this issue:
Battery went flat after not driving for month, jump started to get it going but now have no rev counter,speedo, temp gauge reads the right temp and then jumps to max, the indicators don't light up or tick but work outside the car, manual selection of the gears doesn't illuminate green on cluster, abs/air suspension/dhc faults flashing. But also i have no connection whatsoever to diagnostics using the iiD tool, it says no connection to high or low speed can line. If i connect a cheap engine scanner it connects and theres no CEL Codes.

Checked 12v at pin 12, ground at 4/5 on diagnostic port so im happy the ports getting power as the iid powers up. tried doing the lock to lock reset for air suspension with no luck.

So Far:
tried resetting the cluster
done the battery hard reset procedure
disconnected cluster and tried to connect diagnostic ( no luck)
disconnected LCM (no luck)
headlight levelling in Passenger footwell (no luck)
headlights has been disconnected and tried to connect diagnostics with no luck (all the light bulbs work fine)

I've looked for similar issues but can't find anything other people have done that fixes my issue..

L322, 02, 4.4, right hand drive

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