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Installing remote start

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I'm thinking of installing a remote start on my RRsport. did anybody have this done on their car ? Dealer don't wanna do due to lots of electrical issue.
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I believe it was done on the 1st gen sport but involved a lot of wiring and had a safety issue. Check YouTube.

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No commercial remote start will have any safety issues. There too many checks an balances for any of the old wives tales to hold any water
I looked into this and the issue/high cost ($2000) is because the key fob has to be in the car for the remote start to work and that also keeps some of the accessories on so your battery ends up draining. They should come up with a servo controlled faraday box and hide that somewhere inside the car. I looked in to it but couldn’t pull the trigger.
I had a cheap off the shelf remote installed in my car and it works fine. The only hitch was I have to shut the engine off with the remote in order to unlock the doors. It did require a key to be hidden somewhere under the dash.
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