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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Was hot day 'bama to do this.
I started with Anrott spring conversion that was already on my P38 SE when I bought it a few months back.
Those springs will be sold in the near future
The 761 and 764 fit and look great and drive better, Actually gave me close to 3" Lift front and rear.
I have 245-75-16 Dura-tracs, Classic look with thnner 245 tires,

I'm mechanically inclined but had to deal with small aluminum jack and aluminum jackstands and 2x12 wood blocks. These were last used in Triumph Spitfire and SCCA Spec-Miata . I'm going to have to get truck and SUV sized jack and stands soon. More time was spent moving blocks and stands that actually working on springs. 3 hours total.

Oddly, am getting 3" clearance all around even after a short drive to shake down and set suspension.
Rover aleady "listed" to the diver's side before. Used "sided" springs and now sits level with no listing at all
Rear Rake is a little high, but looks sporty. It should settle down with a tank of gas and gear in back.

This appears to be a good combination!

Will definitely make oil, trans, diff fluid changes easier.
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