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Inspection reset?

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Everytime i start the car now I get an "inspection" notice. My inspection sticker expires this month and I thought this may have something to do with that. Did the dealer set a reminder? If so, how do I reset it?

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For 4.4 BMW M62 engined RangeRovers it´s like this, don´t know the specifics for the later Jag-engines...

Before you start the engine you can see in the distance window for one or two seconds the km with a MINUS - sign( -2500) in front. That shows you, how many km you are over the inspection service. At your car the automatic inspection service mode is activated. Due to your personal use of long highway rides or always short city rides, the inspection interval is longer or shorter than 25000km. Automatic inspection is activated only when BMW-Longlife 01 or 04 specificationed oil is filled in.
If you drive with normal oil you have to change every 25oookm fix, Longlife specification you can use up to 40000km -depends on your personal driving situation and this is shown by the automatic inspection sign.
Maybe this will help:

"While holding the odemeter reset button, turn the ignition key to "i" and wait for the message center to display "service interval". While still holding the button, wait for the display to start flashing, then press button again. The service interval should now be reset."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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