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Is there anyone who has experience with the injector pump for P38 2000 Model, 2.5 BMW Disiel engine?. Their help will be grately appreciated. The pump is a Bosch fitted to 2000, 2.5 BMW engine. The Problem with the vehicle is it cranks forever before it eventually and if the engine is hot it may not even start until the engine cools down. The car also appears to lack power no longer picks up speed as quickly as it used to do. I have checked if the fuel is getting to the injector pump and it does! There is however no fuel coming out of the injection pump to the injectors. The solinoid fuel shut off switch on the injection pump appears to be working properly. Does this imply that there is a fault within the injection pump or do I need to get another injector pump. I have been checking out the prices of injection pumps and they are extremely expensive! Is there any way I could be sure its injector pump before I spend a lot of money on something that might not be a problem.
Just to shed more light on the problem. when the engine is cold it starts well and quit quick that is as soon as the heater plug light dissapear, but when the engine is hot as well as the heater plug light doesn’t come on it cranks for a long time prior to start and sometimes does not even start. I have no clue what could be wrong if its not the injector pump. If it is the injector pump, any advice where I can get a reasonabaly cheap one.

Thank you all in advance.

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