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Post: L322 Seat Removal
User: Sendmemo
Infraction: trolling and repeated wrong info
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Administrative Note:
trolling and repeated wrong info

Message to User:
You refuse to accept that your trashing posts are not appropriate in the public forum. Please take time to review how you react on a technical site. Take time to form informative and detailed posts when helping others.

Original Post:
I am sure RRToadHall will remove this post again as my two previous ones instead of admitting the above instructions are wrong!

His answer above might be correct on some years but the 2006 which is what the question is on The seat belts do not! Need to be removed. The shoulder belt stays on the vehicle and the female end stays on the seat. Before the above instructions were edited they also said to remove the seat valance. Also not necessary.

Please quit removing others posts, especially if you are wrong. If you have a problem with it, correct it but don't delete them because they might make you look bad. This forum is about helping others not making oneself look good, am I not right?
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