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Post: "Fixed" my EPB warning
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So after replacing the alternator on my vehicle, I was treated to an orange Brake warning and a flashing red Parking warning. Had to drive over 300 miles between yesterday/today and didn't have time to run to a dealer for diagnostics (Autozone/Oreilly's can't read any faults other than a CEL), so I had to live with it, no other choice.Well, the parking brake warning came with this awesome feature where it chimes like 4 times quickly every single time you come to a stop, and again once you start moving, as well as having the dash flash that it's inoperable every single time. Stupid ****** design. Anyway, I got so fed up that I frantically dug through the internet trying to find a solution, anything to make it stop! I looked through the fuses and found FL8 for the parking brake. Pulled the fuse and voila!!!! No more chiming!!!!! The flashing red light went away, but it still shows that the EPB is inoperable on the Info screen on the dash.I don't use the EPB, ever, so it's not a big concern, however I would like to "fix" it properly.Any recommendations on where to start on diagnosing this? Due to it popping up immediately after an alternator failed I would suspect something electrical got fried or decided to act up, perhaps the module? I've read that the module is a PITA to access and it looks like it costs in the neighborhood of $800+... If that's the case it can just stay broke forever, and I'll use wheel chocks if I have to park on a steep incline anywhere :)
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