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Post: Transmission Oil Change
User: Kinch
Infraction: wrong model/trolling
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Administrative Note:
Trolling phil, wrong model.

Message to User:
So let me get this straight you resurrect a long dead thread from 2009 in the full size section to brag about a fluid marketing email for your Sport? Your resurrection post should have been deleted with no explanation when you can't even post in the right model section. How long did it take for you to find that thread in the wrong section to bring it back up? The Sport did not even exist with the 2002-2005 BMW generation transmission being discussed.

Now you are trolling Phil on something you have no clue on? Entirely inappropriate.

Original Post:
Land Rover recommending a product over their own would make as much sense as Valvoline recommending Mobile One. Logic much? And mentioning legal wording? I'm not a lawyer like you but I would guess that an email recommending a product might make them legally liable.

In fact in the same email from Valvoline, they state that they do NOT have a product for my rear E-diff or my transfer case. So by your logic they should have either recommended a different oil company's product, or they should have recommended their own product regardless of whether it works or not. See now how that doesn't work?
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