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Post: Customize Screen Images
User: fosterelli
Infraction: trolling
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Administrative Note:
personal attacks and trolling

Message to User:
I am not the one who deleted your first diatribe. :naughty:

Your assumptions are epic in scale and completely uncalled for. Time for you to take a break.

Original Post:
Profanity is always removed.

Just because your LX has an option does not mean LR products have it as well. Your option is to hope someone comes up with a way to manually change the image within the package.
I posted zero profanity. And thanks Captain Obvious, I had no idea that my LX may have options that our RR doesn't. Wow. After all of these years, you're still here, and still awesome. Props.

And if by profane you mean another word for urine, that's a bit strange to call profane - and doesn't warrant removing an entire section of my post. Merely removing the "profane" word (or correcting to "my wife was urined" instead of "pi_s-d" would be much easier and more prudent). Rather than removing a chunk of someone's post, which in itself should be against forum policy (and moderator overreach). Or how about a couple of **? Holy moly. Wait, is Holy banned?

We could never count the thousands of unhelpful responses you clog this forum with, or how many members you've power tripped on. I guess after several years I'm your next victim. Someone please quit pouring urine into this guy's Cheerios already.

27,000 posts, about 1,000 of them helpful. Imagine how helpful this forum would be if you didn't knock and slam everyone - or how easy searching content would be if the forum wasn't full fo 27,000 unhelpful responses.
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