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Infotainment / Camera / Climate Issues

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Hi all, I had commented about this in another thread but thought I should move it to something more specific. My 2018 ATB was in the shop for 18 days with the following issues. All are sporadic.

  • Cameras would display a diagnostic screen vs the actual cameras.
  • Cameras wont load at all
  • PDC loads, but acts like it doesn't have sensors
  • Massaging seats will start and stop in seconds
  • Climate control will "forget" it is 4 zone and set everything to "Lo"
  • The main screen and the one below will go black and the top screen will just keep pivoting back and forth (super fun to watch, almost hypnotic)
  • The display behind the steering wheel will not load content and just show pictures of the side of a RRS
  • SiriusXM will think it is on one station, but be on another. You cant change stations
  • Radio forgets it was on one source and on next start defaults back to FM (this may be normal... just doesn't seem like it should forget it was just on Sirius or a connected device after a restart)

They have already had this connected with the UK and replaced the main ICM (I think that is what it is called) module as well as done countless software upgrades. As of today all but the massaging seats and camera diagnostic issues still exist. Is anyone else having issues similar to mine? I'm a patient person, but its like every time I turn it on I guess what isn't going to work today. Most of the time this happens when the car has been running and then is stopped and started again shortly after. For example after I get gas or run into a store. Or, when I have it running and I am not in the vehicle (have a passenger waiting while I run into a store). Then it happens when I get back in and take off again (with it still running, no restart). I opened a case with Land Rover NA Customer Service and they wanted to give me $250 in accessory gift cards without even caring or asking anything about it. Not even where it was serviced. Many thanks LRNA... It was like they could care less a 2 month old car has spend almost half its life in service. Anyway, anyone else seeing things like this?
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I’ve had some of the same issues but all were corrected with the latest software update. I had the same camera issues as you, as well as the climate issues and the frozen screen. The digital dash display occasionally shows the picture you’re referring to as well but almost always eventually pops up the map content.

What I’ve noticed is that if I remote start the car and open the tailgate before I unlock the doors, the camera system fails 100% of the time, until I do a complete restart of the vehicle. Aside from that and the fact I’m still stuck on 3G data services (others are reporting theirs switched over to 4G a few weeks ago and JLR NA cust relations confirmed its now rolled out), the latest software update has been a huge help for the bugs I was experiencing.

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For a potential first time RR buyer, this is pretty discouraging information. RR's reliability reputation still precedes it (even the dealers acknowledge it). It seems like it's mostly software driven (which is better than mechanical I suppose). Software is easier to fix rapidly (assuming competent developers).

I assume none of the issues mentioned prevent the car from driving, correct?

How wide spread are these issues? Anyone track VINs or production dates to understand any pattern?
I have had two Rovers prior that were rock solid so I hope this is just growing pains with the new system. The drivability is fine, no issues there. Just a pain is all really.

AK2TX - That is promising! Given they just did all the software updates they have and it still isn't working I am not sure that will fix mine. But hopefully they find a solution soon. I had a Velar loaner the whole time the car was in the shop and it was flawless so it surely just my car and not super widespread thankfully!
My 2018 rrs has been in for about half the time I’ve had it. Same camera issues. I also had issues with the radio going out after the parking sensors went off. They’ve done multiple software updates. Still
Problems. This is my 2nd rrs and I loved the first but this is getting dangerously close to me getting fed up. I don’t want that.

What software version has worked so far for those that have had a fix work.
Dang! I am sorry to hear you are having the same issues. I agree with you, it gets old when you want to rely on things and know you cant. My cameras give up at the EXACT wrong time when I really need them. That is what bugs me the most. I will check my software later and update the thread. They should be getting mine back in for service soon, crossing my fingers they figure it out this time.
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