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Inflate EAS without engine running

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I came across this info some time ago but completely forgot about it. Maybe its common knowledge but I have never used it. (it applies to most EAS Land Rovers that use a smart key. I have tried it on a 2011 L322 and a 2010 Discovery/ LR4 but do not know if it works on later models)

Enter vehicle and switch on the hazard warning lamps (ignition off)
Close all doors including bonnet and tailgate
Press and hold the "lights" button on the remote (bottom left)
Press and hold the "unlock" button on the remote

Compressor will run and vehicle will rise - assuming there are no faults or problems with the system
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This is brilliant information. Granted I asked the dealer to raise the vehicle on a vehicle with a frozen engine and they stated the engine HAD TO BE RUNNING. Now I'm second guessing the "frozen engine" they diagnosed.
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