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I think an Independent Shop Review thread would be very helpful so I'll start w/my recent experience:

Premier Rover

8390 Miramar Pl
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 344-4455

I brought my Range Rover Sport to Premier Rover for the first time in April. I had just purchased the Rover (used) and wanted to get it checked out. As it turns out, Premier Rover offers free oil changes to new customers so I went ahead and had them change the oil. At the time they also noticed that the cabin air filter needed to be replaced and they did a full inspection on the vehicle. I left the shop with a clean bill of health on the car and ~$40 less in my pocket (not too bad for everything they did).

Today I took the car in for an actual scheduled service. I had already mentally prepared for what I figured would be the inevitable: "Thank you for bringing in your car today sir, that will be two thousand dollars."

I was very pleasantly surprised when my estimate came to ~$450. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I picked the car up and my bill was actually LOWER! Since the cabin air filter had been replaced during the previous visit, they removed it from the service. I also asked them to install some wheel locks I had recently purchased and they wen't ahead and did it for free! (I know wheel locks aren't a very big deal but most other shops would not loose an opportunity to charge you)

On top of all of this, they provided me with a rental from enterprise for the day!

I have to say, the dealer would be hard-pressed to provide a more pleasant experience.

Thanks for everything Premier Rover! Your approach and execution to vehicle maintenance is TOP NOTCH!
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