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Inboard seat belt latch and rear wiper replacement

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I'm not new to Land Rovers, having a Classic LWB and a Discovery, but the P38 has me scratching my head on a few things. How do you replace the rear wiper blade and NOT disconnect the battery (not a wise thing to do on a P38...)? How do you replace the inboard side of the outer right passenger rear seat belt buckle? There is no clear access. There are screws on the metal seat pan underneath and one screw on the plastic cover, visible from above. Since seat belt anchorages are supposed to be very secure, I cannot imagine that these are the securing points for the latch!
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i just replaced that seat belt latch, so here goes...
on the longer of the bench seats (passenger side bench)....
tilt seat forward a little and remove the plastic squab that is between the 2 seats when down (inside face)
remove the 2 bolts behind the plastic that secure the upper and lower sections together.
slide the upper section towards you. the fastener on the outside face is a slide pin. you do not need to remove it.
set the seat back to one side out of the rig.
next is the fun part, you need to untuck all the leather trim from the seat base and remove the padded base (leather and foam). it is just tucked into the edge all around the seat base. i just pulled it with my fingers, no tools needed.
when 3 edges are free, you can peel the seat base out of the way and then remove the screws that hold the trim piece in that goes between the latch and belt assembly. it just slides out of there.
after all that you can get to the 17mm (IIRC, same size as the bolts that secure the base and back together) headed bolts that secure the latches in place.
took me @1hr to replace all latches on the rear, and that includes figuring it all out and printing off the instructions from my alldata account.

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