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Test drove several L322 rovers and even gotten a few of them inspected. Ended up not buying them due to timing chain issues or they were not mechanically up to my standards.

I originally was looking for low mileage 2011-2012 L332s with under 80k, but felt they were overpriced considering most of them were due for a timing chain replacement or needed replacement.

Talking with a few LR shops in the area, I’ve been told that the timing chains need to be replaced anywhere from 80-120k miles.

Is it better to buy a low mileage rover (under 80k miles) or buy a higher mileage RR, 120k+ miles and use that savings to replace the timing chain and other common issues?

What mileage is considered too high? I’d expect to eventually replace the chain, water pump, all fluids, but I’d like to enjoy it a little before I start dropping dollars on repairs.

Feedback appreciated!
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