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improved GEMS performance after i forgot the purge valve pipe open to air

recently i was working in the leaking PCRV in gems engine i disconnected the purge valve pipe end at the evap. canister to give gain more accessibility and avoid damaging the pvc pipes, i finished the job and drove the car i noticed much better performance and smooth shifting and acceleration i attributed that to the abs pump working frequency are reduced after repairing the leaks as it shall consume less current and doesn't exhaust the battery and alternator (i was very happy with that), again i inspected the PCRV for leak then i found this pipe disconnected. i have it connected again but this case drove me to think about adding more intake air to improve combustion accordingly the performance, any help on this, and anybody experienced the evap canister system if it works properly or not it seems to me like purge valve is always open and the evap canis. blocked.

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