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I'm going in!

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I got my transfer case chain and seals from Atlantic British! What advise do you Gents have for me before I undertake this adventure? One main question...what type of transmission fluid to put in the case? I have read mixed results on the forum. Any other advise is appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply!

Dexron III--Cant find it. What are my alternatives?

Can do in place? I dont have to take the case out?

Dont be a "glass half empty" type of mechanic!

I'm going in with eyes wide closed (extremly tight)!

If I screw it up, I can always walk...

You said it...I did not! You pull to much power in the forum for me to pi$$ you off!

By the way didnt you do it your self?

Me? ...Self gratification. I CAN DO IT. I just never have DONE IT. If I screw up...I'll ask you guys, my friends, some non frineds work on Maggie. If she doesnt work. Ill work some more; until she does. Its just mechanical, electrical & computer...how hard can that be (the phrase of death)?

My wife read the post (because i spend more time with you people than her) and she said i was screwed! But my 3 y/o is pyched; 5 y/o doesnt care!


How the heck am i to get to the 6 bolts that hold the T-case to the tranny? I'v got just about everything else disconnected. Just like everything else on the rover...4 days to take the thing apart (while trying to figure it out) and it will be 1/4 time putting it back together. I can get a socket on the bolts but cant generate enough power to turn the darn things, and i sure as hell dont want to roundoff the heads.

Once i get the thing out, I can get going.

Any suggestions are appreciated...even the obnixious ones (i could use the humor at this point).
I cant get to them. The four that i can get to did not take that much torque to brake loose. But the two on the top are a mother to get to. I can rig all sorts of u-joints and extensions to the to the bolts, but cant put enough a$$ behind it to brake them loose. I will continue on the project today. Not giving up yet.

Ok. I have the t-case out and seperated.

How do i bypass LRT-51-003 (the one that restrains the drive flange according to RAVE)? Or... how do i get the chain off without doing this step?

My chian was (is since its not off) very streretched. It was not hitting the T-case makeing the noise. The chain was ridding up the gears, under stress, and slamming into gear. The gears are not worn, the bearing are smooth, there is a slight mark on the side of the case where the chain was hitting. The mark does not affect the performance of the T-case.

So, back to the question of the moment...how do i either bypass LRT-51-003 or remove the chain without this process?


Chain is in, case is sealed and back together! I am tired and that thing is heavy. Here is what I did:

Removed the Circle-ring clip and the 8 bolts holding the gears in place. Removed the gears and old chain. Put the new chain on the gears and put it all back together. I did not have to mess with the oput seals. They were never touched. Whatever your religious preferences...pray for me. Tomorrow its going back in! I will post some pics later.

She is alive! First off, the T-Box is heavy. I would not recommend dropping the thing on your leg or finger. It leaves cuts and bruises. Secondly, know how to use your transmission jack BEFORE you start trying to put a T-Box back in place. And lastly, have someone help you. Its a daunting task to undertake, but is fairly straight forward. Follow RAVE (except for a couple of steps). Its just a bunch of work.
I got the T-box back in, attached the multi-plugs, and bolted everything back in place. I drove around the neighborhood so proudly. I stopped at a stop sign...moved the gear selector slowly through the H-gate, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP it would not stop BEEPING! I threw it into LOW...NOTHING. No low. I drove back to the garage dejected. I ran to the computer and frantically searched on rr.net. None of my symptoms appeared. I looked at RAVE. I had a brain fart. I forgot one small multi-plug. Crawled under, felt her up a bit and she works perfectly. Moral of story...also follow RAVE when re-assembling. Now off to find an oil leak!

This project was a testament to the forum. Without you guys I would have never undertaken such a challenge. Thanks for all of your help and posts. :thumb:

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