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2008 Range Rover HSE 149000 miles
Nomajor issues except for
front air struts, control arms. bushings.
oil changes at 5k miles, last differential and transfer case fluid replacement at 90k
last radiator flush 60k
No transmission flush performed

Last week on two different mornings, after 5 minutes of driving i noticed that there was a delay in moving forward for a few seconds when i was turning from a red light or stop sign.

I scanned the car witht he iland Bluetooth scanning adapter and no specific codes came up , except for u0155-87 lost communication with instrument cluster control module. i then cleared this code.

any thoughts about the "delay in moving forward" for 2 sec. the car runs great and no issues with changing gears that i can tell. just drove vehicle for 3 hrs and no issues.

is there anything i can do with the scanner to see if there are any problems with the transmission?

Thank you
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