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I explored this for my 2012 RRS after I bought it, as it only came with one fob.
At least the 2010-2013 keyfob also contains an RFID chip or similar, so if the keyfob battery goes flat you can still start the car by
holding the dead fob upto a reader located under the steering column.

You can use IIDtool to program the car to accept another fob (usual price on ebay is $60 - $80). Doing that will give you a fob that is fine in normal use but the RFID functionality won't work.

That bugged me enough that I decided to pay through the nose for a replacement fob through the dealer.
They had to send to England for it, so it took a couple of weeks, then I had to take the car in for programming.
I was expecting it to cost more than it did (It was a year or so ago but I think the total cost was like $375).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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