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Hi to all,

apologes if if this has been discussed before many times but I am new to the forum and don’t know where to search.

i have got a 2007 HSE TDV8, sometimes when I put the key in the ignition I get nothing, steering wheel doesn’t move no ignition lights, nothing. I take the key out and lock/unlock the car and somtiomes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

last night it took about 5mins of switching ignition on and off in order to get the ignition on to start her up.

this is driving me mad and I don’t know where to start.

does anyone have this same issue or have fixed it.

thanks guys

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Not an uncommon problem at all. There is a steering lock solenoid that is not functioning. The only way to get a new solenoid is to buy a new steering column from Land Rover for an absurd amount of money. There are numerous fixes, you can disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, you can pull fuse 18 and reinsert it, you can install a fuse tap with a toggle switch on fuse 18, you can open up the steering column and lubricate the solenoid but sometimes the magnet is broken and that can be replaced for about a quarter.

I have done all these without a permanent good solution up until now. Everything about the fuse 18 fix requires you to wait for about 20 seconds before the key will turn. My wife found that unacceptable.

The fix I just did only requires a momentary switch, about a foot of wire, a drill, wire ends and a couple of wire taps and doesn't require you to disassemble any thing other than the steering column cover, 3 torx screws.

Here's a link to the fix. http://l322rangerover.blogspot.com/2...r-dreaded.html

I mounted my momentary switch in the bottom half of the steering column cover. Be careful when drilling your hole you don't break the aluminum plate free from the styrofoam insulation or you'll have to reattach it like I did.
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