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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi Folks, I hope someone can assist with any suggestions to problem I have with my UK L322 2008 3.6 V8.

Following a fault with a FSR (heater/blower) which I successfully replaced last week and reinstalled the dash/footwell panels I discovered that the ignition wouldn't work? I can turn the key and remove it, the car locks and unlocks with the remote, the instrument panel, radio and everything else functions except the third position to crank the starter motor? I've checked the battery 12.5v and the earth connection. Checked the fuses 18,25,31 all OK.

I had the AA have a look at it and their report was
Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control - 7M0 / Diesel CR/EDC SID 203 Status :p045C - Exhaust gas recirculation control B. Error Message : Malfunction. Error sporadic.found mbr had repaired a problem behind the dash now non start11.45vboosted found non start error with immobiliser signaladvised re check all his work and double check connections behind dash have battery fully charged and retested

Was already aware of the EGR issue. I stripped the footwell out again and checked all the connections, tried the old FSR which just produced the same problem as before and didn't resolve the new issue with the ignition.

One other issue I've noticed and I'm sure is unrelated but when I disconnected the light switch the side lights have come on, I've disconnected the battery to avoid battery drain as I haven't put the dash/footwell back in yet.

i'm about to check that the starter motor has a 12v supply with a multi meter when I try to crank it.

Any other advice would be gratefully appreciated, thank you in advance.
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