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So, yesterday I got home (thankfully got home) and went to turn the Rangie off. Put car in park, turned key to off and presto - I could not remove the key from the ignition nor turn it any longer....it was frozen in place. Anyone else had this issue? I did a quick search on YouTube typing in the terms “Rover P38 key stuck in ignition” and a great 90 second video pops up (see below). Turns out the problem was a signal, or lack of, from the transmission telling the key the car was actually in park. I am assuming something in the console gave up and the car did not realize it was actually in park. The fix was simple. It only requires the removal of 8 philips head screws on a LHD US spec vehicle. Four screws to lower the large knee panel under the steering column then 4 more small phillips head screws to remove the trim around the steering column. Actually, you do not even need to remove all the steering column trim, just the top piece. There just near the ignition is a wiring harness plug that controls a silly solenoid that keeps the key in place. I simply unplugged that harness and all is fixed. Be sure to watch the YouTube video to unplug the correct harness as there are a couple in that vicinity. One has a more yellowish tint and this one, the correct one, is just above it and more white in tint. There are two wires that go into the plug, I recall one as brown. So, if anyone else has had this issue, fear not. It is a quick and easy fix as long as you have a philips head screwdriver! Here is the video!

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