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Ignition Coil Cover Gasket

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What are these and where can I buy?

I am preparing to replace spark plugs for 60k service and the Rave Manual says to discard ignition coil cover gasket. Before I take anything apart, do these need to be replaced and if so, where can I purchase and how much.

Dealer wants $1200 for 60k service, so far my cost is
8 Bosch platinum +4 $50 from Pep Boys
Air Filter $42.95 Atlantic British
Cabin Filter $38.95 Atlantic British
Wiper Blades f/r $62.95 Atlantic British
Top Radiator Hose $60.00 Atlantic British (dealer recommended replacing for $325.00)

I may hop on a flight and try my luck in Vegas with the $900 savings.
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Gazellio, the bottom hose was replaced less than 15k miles ago when the valley flashing was replaced.
No Worries, Thanks for looking out for me.

Do any of the folks that have change spark plugs in the BMW engine know what the ignition coil cover gasket is?
Thanks, The way the manual reads, it appears the cover gasket is part of the coil itself.

8. Disconnect multiplugs from ignition coils.
9. Discard ignition coil cover gasket.
1. Fit new ignition coil cover gasket.
2. Connect multiplugs to ignition coils.
3. Connect earth lead to camshaft cover and
tighten nut to 4 Nm (3 lbf.ft).
4. Fit 2 bolt spacers to ignition coil cover.
5. Fit ignition coil cover, fit and tighten 2 bolts.
6. Fit 2 access covers to ignition coil cover.
7. Fit engine acoustic cover.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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