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Ignition Coil Cover Gasket

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What are these and where can I buy?

I am preparing to replace spark plugs for 60k service and the Rave Manual says to discard ignition coil cover gasket. Before I take anything apart, do these need to be replaced and if so, where can I purchase and how much.

Dealer wants $1200 for 60k service, so far my cost is
8 Bosch platinum +4 $50 from Pep Boys
Air Filter $42.95 Atlantic British
Cabin Filter $38.95 Atlantic British
Wiper Blades f/r $62.95 Atlantic British
Top Radiator Hose $60.00 Atlantic British (dealer recommended replacing for $325.00)

I may hop on a flight and try my luck in Vegas with the $900 savings.
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Well the coils themselves don't have gaskets or seals around them, so I can only assume it means the rubber gasket that's on the plastic cover. (The cover that has the black and aluminium stripe effect on it). This is nothing more than a way of keeping muck and grime out of the spark plug area, but unless the seal tears or rips when you pull the cover off I wouldn't bother replacing it.
Technically to be 100% correct you would, but when I did my plugs a while ago I certainly didn't bother.
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