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The story so far, ive cleaned the muff and the ambient temp sensor - i was told that the ambient sensor should be inline after the air filter as my car is lpg converted as i dont have a airbox - i drilled a hole just before the maff and have the sensor in the air flow now instead of on a bracket near the air filter, ive fitted a new throttle position sensor, cleaned the iac not sure if its faulty or not, cleaned shed loads of connections, its r lasses fault as she said she wants to keep it but sometimes i hate the car - sorry,

Testbook doesnt show any faults for any of them

When i start the car for cold it starts ok but idles low and is lumpy until i rev it and then it idles at the correctish cold idle of about 1200rpm and after a while drops down to about 700 which i beilieve is about right,

Other stuff ive done with the car is took the fuse box apart and cleaned/connections got rid of some corrosion, ive had an intermittent harsh gear change and in this past week ive changed the transmission ECU for another from ebay still the same but not disconnected/reconnected the battery with this one yet - silly thing is that with the original transmission ECU if i disconnect the battery for a while and reconnect it go for a drive and its smooth as for a day or two - figure that one out guys? ive heard of adaptives reset is that whats going on? could it be the engine ECU surely its a software thingy

The car is 4.6V8 1996 137000miles blue (if that helps lol) Dont know what else to tell

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