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Hi All,
First let me apologize for the long title and what might be a longish post.

So i'm looking for an error code reader/diagnostic tool for my 2011 L322 5.0 petrol.

Main things i want it for, are just encase i get some type of electrical/fault code that puts it into 'limp' mode, or some other code comes up resulting in me not being able to drive (obviously if it is something serious and i can't drive, any type of code reader isn't going to work or be wise to use). So basically something to get me home or to the garage.
Secondly i want to be able to see if there are any error codes popping up before it goes in for a service, and perhaps just on a weekly basis. I've had a few small issues that i could have cleared myself if i had the right tool but the garage has cleared them for me.
And thirdly, which follows sort of on from the first point, is i just like to be prepared and have whatever tools i need with me when i'm on the road, as i drive an hour through a desert each way 5 days a week so if anything simple goes wrong i want to be able to fix it on the move.

I've looked at a few tools but i have no idea what one to go for, so any help or experience with these would be helpful. Being able to use the unit on multiple vehicle makes would be nice but it isn't something i desperately need.

1. iCarsoft LR v2.0 - this seems to be quite popular, and seems to work well. But i've heard a few people saying it doesn't read all the codes or the codes come up wrong.

2.Autel MaxidiagPro - Again i've heard good things, i heard abou tthis unit from YouTube video where they we advertising the iCarsoft products and the said this one was one of the best out there. The only reason i'm not going for this straight away is the fact that it isn't LR specific, so would it be able to do the same things a LR specific unit does?

3.Xtool Autool Ps2 - i have seen this unit in action on my RR and it seems pretty good, loads of options and multi vehicle etc but it seems a bit dated, it's pretty big and almost everywhere i look for this unit it says it doesn't cover RR/LR.

4. Bluedriver/FIXD - I'm sure everyone has seen the ads for the FIXD unit and the Bluedriver is what i came across when watching Scotty Kilmer on Youtube. I understand the convenience of these smaller units, and that they can be updated online easily, they're cheaper etc but do they need data to work? has anyone ever had any issues with connecting to their phone. Would you choose them over a solely designated unit?

Also if anyone has any other units they could recommend that would be great. I'm not loking at going into the thousand dollar range, so something up to 600$ would be ideal.

Again thanks for any help.

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