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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Been having ABS issues and have tried both of the above.

On my car at least (2000 4.6 Vogue) the Icarsoft does not read the ABS correctly. It fails to connect if you use the P38 setting. If you use the Disco 2 setting it does connect but the fault code(s) are wrong and live data doesn't work. If you use the Defender setting it again connects but again the fault code(s) are wrong (and different). I believe it will clear ABS faults in the Disco 2 setting. It does seem OK for the SRS and this works on the P38 setting. Couldn't get a connection to the Cruise Control on any setting. I emailed Icarsoft but no response so it went back.

The Autel ML619 (same as the AL 619?) does read the ABS codes correctly after it has been updated. It's a bit of a faff to update though. A slight foible is that if you clear the codes and then read them again, it will show as 'no faults present' even though the ABS is lights / BECM warning are still active. You have to re-initilaise comms with the ABS for the faults to be re-read properly. The Autel 619 will only read and clear codes - no live data or output setting etc., but at around £85 it is less than a 1/5 the price of a Faultmate / Nanocom and claims to cover the ABS / SRS systems on a huge range of cars. Needless to say it is not locked to a single model type or VIN number.

Looks like the money I saved will need to be put to a new ABS ECU as I have the dreaded 'short between sensors' faults - even with the sensor connector disconnected at the ECU.
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