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......a step by step video or picture tutorial on how to remove the instrument cluster in the 2003 Range Rover.
Here is the deal, am looking to get my pixels fixed and there is a guy here that will do it for $250. He wants an additional $100 if he will be removing the cluster himself. I have a link on here with some diagrams on the process but its vague IMO. I am not lazy and pretty technologically inclined, I can follow instructons as long as they are clear. I just dont want to dive into the process ithout clear instructions and have a simple DIY turn into a moneypit.
I thought to myself, "why not put this money towards a site that helps me and a whole lot of others?"
Am pretty sure the video/picture tutorial will benefit other members and visitors on the site. So, if someone can be nice enough to take the time and do a walkthrough video/picture tutorial, I will donate $50 to the website.
If its not doable, I will just go ahead and let him do it for the extra $100.
Hope am not violating any forum rules with this request.



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Re: i will donate $50 to rangerover.net if someone can show me..

R.A.V.E / Workshop Manuals / instruments / repairs / proceedure 8-|=

remove facia rail
remove two securing screws
disconnect 3 multiplugs
remove instrument pack.

RAVE can be downloaded from the internet if you don't already have it :thumb:

Paypal donation link is on home page :mrgreen:
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