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Ok so i've done hours of research on the forums, i got assimiliated quite a bit with you guys... i previously owned a black e46 bmw 3 series, big change for me. I was huge on the forums, so i hope i'll get some help back in foreign territory!1

I DID SEARCH...but i had problems coming up with the following:

1) What bulb is it in the headlight (the little tiny one...to the side of the XENON bulb..thats UGLY yellow) Where can i get a hyperwhite bulb? I just put in foglights (HID's thanks to the forums), and the yellow KILLS ME! THANKS

2) COLD AIR INTAKE (K&N), i want to improve my mileage, and the way my system breathes...i had one on my BMW, but wondering IS there a factory thing i can purchase? I really want to increase my mileage...let me know where i can purchase the following

3) IF YOU WANT TO UPGRADE YOUR REAR TAIL LIGHTS TO LED (2010)...lets get a group buy going / lets make this happen!! I want those tail lights!!! I might have a wholesale supplier in Pennsylvania that can get this for us!
-ny regional members i might get a kid with the OBDII computer - that can remap our ECU's with no resistors

4) What are my best bets in buying windshield wipers...Autobarn? RAIN-X or Bosch?? I need to pick them up this week...and the rear wiper blade? I believe fronts are 22", rear is 16"???

5) AFTERMARKET DIN SCREEN I want to dump the original area where we have our radio the whole keypad thing makes it EXTREMELY dated...has anyone put in a touchscreen or the like into that little cluster? I want to keep my OEM Bluetooth! I really want to get rid of it...makes the car look really old. Let me know if anyone has done this!!

Thanks for making this community very open and willing to help. Forum karma for me after helping newbies with my 4,000 posts :clap:

Btw - i found HID's for 115 bucks!...some guy has a source for 150- PM me not sure if im allowed to post info!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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