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I need Paint shop in Houston, Texas

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Hello guys,
I just got a new 2010 Range rover. I would like to paint the lower plastic parts to match the body paint.
I need to get some suggestions to a get paint job done. I live in houston, Texas. I need a place that has done this job before. thank you
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CA-SPORT said:
If you call ask for "Susan" - say you're a friend of "David" from the Spa/guy with RRS & Cooper. She'll take good care of you!
Just be careful, a friend of mine told me to say something similar once, it turned out she was an undercover cop. You could be in for lots of 'xplaining when you get home. :wink:

Oooh wee!!! Just noticed I became a "Solihull Member." Good thing that's only based only on quantity, not quality of posts.
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