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996TURBO said:
Yes it is but you can use it as a mobile unit too and it's more comfortable this way since you can sit in your rangie leather seat while testbooking;) Do it Rangie's way !

I've got my T4/UCM on one of those Sealey trolleys. I know Allyv8 uses it without as well, but I find I need another hand for writing notes and scratching my head etc...

The thing is, T4 doesn't need to work that fast. It's pretty nippy anyway as it is such simple software and it communicates as fast as it can interogate an ECU anyway. That's a good buy really at Euro800 considering it is multi-vehicle. IIRC, I paid 4,000 for T4 and a further 1,250 for the UCM. I'm also considering getting IDS at another 3,000 as I'm getting in quite a few L322/320/319's in which the UCM can't always cover as Omitec are a bit slow (understatement) getting the software dealer level. The UCM is a lovely bit of kit, quick as well, but shame about the software. Having just under 10K worth of diagnostic kit (including the PicoScope) in one place is a bit of a worry as the insurance is so high. :shock:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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