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Hiya Flo

Congrats on your purchase.

I actually have a few of these as well as the big old power block that is designed to allow you to power it from a car cigar lighter.
It does take power from the diagnostic socket but that is only to power the brick and not the Testbook itself

The small battery pack you mention is designed only to allow the user to switch the power supply from one socket to another or from mains to battery without having to re start the unit, hence its only good for a few minutes and any pack is by now likely to be duff anyway.

As a second off trolley mains power supply anything with the right voltage and ampage should do.

I have repaired and upgraded / modded a few of these in my time.

There was already a memory upgrade put out for this and so all the units i have encountered have had no free slots.
The mother board is custom so cannot be updated to a pentium one and the CPU, while socketed was one of the fastest 486's, if i recall correctly it is a DX4/100.
However one of the best modifications is to replace the old SCSI CDROM unit which is only single speed for something much faster, which also gets rid of the need for the cartridges.
It's easier if you can get a SCSI drive to replace it with, but you can go to IDE and piggy back on the Hard Drive if you need.

Hope this helps :thumb:
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