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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Thanks to all who posted very helpfull info, especially http://www.rangerovers.net/repairdetails/airsuspension/airspreplace.html
I finally got down to it, after spending most of life in IT, I am not a mechanic and it was a mountain looming

15 minutes to lift the car using two stands and the supplied jack
1 minute to deflate the rear air bags - I have a bypass system, so I just open two ball valves
1 minute to pull the springs and air hoses
10 minutes getting various tools to loosen the first bag as it was stuck on top
1 minute to get second bag out
15 minutes trying to get the top spring back on first bag
Finally thought of using my 4 claw Flex-Cable Pick-Up Tool to position it and a screwdriver to push it in
1 minute to inflate bag slightly to get bottom spring in
3 minutes to fit second bag
1 minute to inflate both to 3 bar
48 minutes total
after 3 hours, no noticeable pressure loss
Next time I estimate UNDER 30 minutes to replace both air bags
I recommend getting this tool, I see it is $8 on Ebay, I inherited mine 17 years ago
Maybe something to add to the sticky page
Thanks again
4 claw Flex-Cable Pick-Up Tool.jpg
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