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... I did something stupid

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So ... I've been trying to figure out what's making my under-seat fuse #6 blow for over a week now. I've got all the seats out, the console out, and I've traced the whole harness and couldn't find a thing wrong or even a trigger making it blow - sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't .... so .... I did something stupid. I replaced the 5 amp fuse with a 30 amp and waited for smoke.

And smoke I got. Now I've got a half-melted wire and I'm looking through rave right now to identify what the heck it's going to. My questions to you is:

Is this definitely the problem wire then?
Could I have damaged anything else (I made sure anything system critical was unplugged BEFORE I did this, like the ECMs)?

The puzzling thing is - the melted wire is in an entirely different harness coming off the BCM than everything else that I had traced. Thoughts?
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Update: Just ran it down in the RAVE and it is plug C323 and the White/Purple wire from it. Which is the Electrochromic Rearview. Which is powered by Fuse 6. So looks like it is definitely the problem wire.

Also, and this is the BIG question.
Can I just cut this wire at the plug, tape it off, and just cut my losses? What are the chances my little stunt burned into another wire somewhere far down the chain?
I really don't care about the electrochromic mirror. I never use it in the first place.
Wow, i have to say, you're bang on. That is a really stupid way to isolate problem areas. Yes, you very well could have damaged, or at least compromised other wires that ran along side or connectors in the general areas. Are you sure that you disconnected ALL at risk ECU's before doing this. Time will tell.
All you can do is drive it around until the next problem surfaces.
:shock: OUCH! I'll keep my fingers crossed as I snicker and chuckle. I am reminded of a relative that lit a match to see if a gas tanker was empty. errr... it wasn;t. Lucky for you less things were melted.
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