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Howdy - New owner of a 1999 P38A

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Just wanted to say hello and how nice it was to find a web site with so much information! Some of the other web site seem to really downplay the value of the P38A which is discourageing to say the least. Just bought a 99 4.0 w/ a few issues so will be checking back from time to time to see what I can learn. My "new" truck has approximately 138k on the clock and will be used as a Home Depot and weekend vehicle with the occasional trip offroad. First exercise will be to replace the thermostat as I was told by the previous owner that it has overheated before. I drove the truck quite a bit this weekend and the temp never raised above 1/2 way on the gauge but figured it would be better to be safe than sorry.
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do a good flush of the radiator and check the viscous coupling (it should be tight when at temp, loose-ish when cold). The best, but not safest, way to test the clutch is put the palm of a GLOVED hand on the outside of the fan and try to stop it, if it stops, the fan clutch is bad. DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO THE BLADES.
I think I am going to replace the thermostat just to be safe. It is my guess that this truck has the original one installed.

Why does the manual tell you to remove the negative post from the battery prior to changing the fluid? Isn't that going to cause me to do a bunch of silly things after I switch out the thermostat? Is disconnecting the battery really that important?
you will notice that the book says to disconnect the battery as soon as you open the hood in most cases... :snooty:
for a t/stat, i would not bother.
it will cause another half hour of work to reset the windows, sunroof, stereo etc.

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