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2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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Episode 3 of my little hobby installing cams and GVIF coming up...

#1: installing the backup camera => http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/9-...113-how-install-backup-camera-photoguide.html

#2: installing the GVIF => http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/9-...l-gvif-v7-2-range-rover-sport-sc-05-09-a.html

#3: will be installing the front camera and connecting it to the GVIF:

Further down this thread (in future posts) i'll show you the pictures while installing. My plan is to put the front camera (a non inversing one!) between the openings of the grill. I bought the one in link below, but sadly it's still on it's way from Asia... :-?


Okay, don't know how much work it's gonna be, but i'll find out!

2 options for installation:

1. the camera connecting to a constant 12 volt and the signal on one of the three video inputs of the GVIF.
+ easy installation
- cam is always on
- must push the select-button one time (or two, or three times, when multiple inputs are on) when I want to select the cam, and also have to push the button again (1, 2 or 3 times) when I want to deselect...

2. the camera on the same input of the rear camera with a select switch on dashboard
- some extra installation
- multiple signal on one input
+ i think this is a much nicer option

So, going for option 2...

This is my electrical diagram plan;

And this is how I've connected the backup cam (same plan with some blanks);

If the videosignal is interfering because of two outputs on 1 input, I could always go for:

When i'm on my way installing the cam, I could change the plan, but this is it for now, I'll keep posting my progress...

2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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I will follow your installation thread and looking forward to your review of the forward camera, as I will probably follow you soon.

The diagram is exactly what I had in mind(with the 2 extra diodes) if I chose to go with the automatic switching.

2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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Did not receive the front camera yet, maybe tomorrow, but I'll not install the cam before next weekend, but did I do nothing then? Nope......

Flydive tipped me how to get the wires from the front camera to the dashboard area
(see http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/9-...ow-install-backup-camera-photoguide-2.html#20 )

But i just can't get there... it's to tight for me... so, needed another route, here is mine...

First from the inside, remove the (lowest) cover under the steeringwheel, just by pulling, it will click of at the top ends;
inside (1).JPG

Let's zoom in a bit;
inside (2).JPG

And zooming again, the opening is used for the steering wheel axis,
but there is a BIG gap, so enough room and an easy to remove rubber;
inside (3).JPG

From under the hood we can find the gap like this...
outside (1).JPG

Now zooming in;
outside (2).JPG

And zoom again and we see the axis and the rubber from this side;
outside (3).JPG

I'll run the wires through the bottomside of the gap through the rubber, I'll try to close the hole in the rubber by taping it (black gorilla tape is my friend).

So no installation yet, but a plan to run the wires through is the first step.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, I've allready prepared the 12V connection for the grey wire and the cam's;

The two 'switchwires' I've connected to the outputs (I and II) of a switch something like this, the input of course is a constant +12V.

The switch works fine, the GVIF switches to the rearcam input when I set the switch to the rear (II) and front (I),
the only difference is that the display is still black when I set the switch to front (I)....

So... let the postman come to my house this week, so I can finish my work :)

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HI , thanks for the guide I have placed all my order , same parts that you have ordered. I m confuse on the part. Why do you need a sugarette light plug for ? Can't I just use the grey wire 12 v ? I didn't get anything in the mail yet. Perhaps once I get the wiring harness I prolly have a better understanding of what you mean.

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I m confuse...a sugarette prolly
What part of Canada smokes sugarettes these days and why would a Canadian adopt this horribly crappy English known as "prolly"? :)

2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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Last week the mailman brought the frontcamera, I've just installed it as written in post 3 of this thread, an one hour job.

The result... (sorry for the poor picturequality)....

Zoom pic of frontcam

Not sure this will be the def. position, but i'll try it out for a few weeks...
Could gone lower and/or to the side, don't know whats better...

Frontview, nicely centered

And another one....

I've put a red wirecutter on 30 centimers of the frontbumper, let's see what we see on the monitor!

Here you see the front, the cutter is there...
The yellow line is one meter, the red line in 0 centimeters (beneath front bumper).
I've drawn a picture of the switch on the grey plastic, probably i'm gonna install it there.

Frontview by switch selected pos. 1

Rear by manual switch selected pos. 2 (also automatic on reverse)

Total costs €300,
€225 for GVIF and LR-cable,
€30 for rearcamera,
€30 for frontcamera,
€15 for loose parts such as switch, wires and tape...

I allready got the armrest dvd player, thats is an additional €130
DVD picture is also available on screen, see previous threads (post 1).

2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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For those doing these sorts of mods on their RRS, I want to point out that - instead of adding a toggle switch for certain functions on the plastic of the dash as johnkoot did - it is possible to remove the button blank(s) on the dash (blank next to DSC button for most of us), and enable it with a pirated button panel from eBay (which I did). LR does have a TPMS button feature on some RRS's; I bought a button panel from the UK with that TPMS button, and soldered on the requisite LEDs/resistors to enable functionality of that button. While I don't have an OEM TPMS module, I have added one via aftermarket.

Instead of having two separate feeds for the front/rear cams as john has done here, I've installed a QUAD Multiplexer [MUX] (with remote to toggle from single/dual/triple/quad camera views), and have added side mirror cameras as well. These can be wired/triggered multiple ways: through GVIF you can trigger the AUX inputs with reverse light circuit; add a constant 12V PWM circuit to utilize the on/off turn signal inputs, etc. The options are many (which has been more than a bit confusing for me to work out). What I did was wire the FRONT CAM in series with a TPMS module, which has a rear cam input (prioritizes rear cam RCA signal input when activated; I've wired my FRONT CAM to activate when my FRONT PARKING SENSORS are activated). TPMS GUI appears as one of the MUX inputs, unless prioritized by the front Park Assist trigger, at which point the FRONT CAM appears in that box instead.

One of my goals was to ensure that - regardless which input I have selected on my dash (whether default NAV or DVD input) - I wanted to be able to trigger either the cam view manually OR have the system flip to cam view when going in reverse AND ALSO trigger the TPMS input screen either when the TPMS sends an emergency alert or when I simply wanted to see the TPMS status.

That was no easy feat, and I'm in the midst of it now (I'll put up some pics/schematics in my thread on the topic).

It looks to me like the GVIF functionality is being underutilized. Does anyone know if the CANBUS functions within the GVIF can be enabled, to provide more elegant onscreen GUI functionality? The online documentation of this device is poor at best.
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