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How to : Fixing chaffed ABS sensor cables ...

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Happened a while back, and a temporary fix didn't last so I thought I would spend a bit more time on this afternoon and do a proper fix on the ABS sensor cable.

The cable if not seated right rubs against the inner sidewall of the front tyres, and in no time can wear right through. This is what mine looked like:

I couldn't get the sensor out of the hub, it was seized in place, so I gave up and decided to fix in situ. So I trimmed up the wires, and then cut the central black plastic outer in 2 so I could take the upper half of the cable off to work with.

I then soldered on a new section of cable ... my soldering is pants !

and then put a bit of heat shrink tape over the new join.

I got all the heatshrink from maplin.com ... only cost a few quid for a whole box of various sizes. It'll come useful in the future I can imagine too.

With the new extensions, I then joined the cable back together. Remember to put the heatshrink on the cables first . Including a few of the larger tubing sizes to cover everything once done. ( I had to slide about 3 bits of tubing onto the cable, and make them slot inside each other to get them out of the way when soldering the cable back together. )

I then put a cable tidy section of the extension ... this was from a bike speedo kit, but anything will do.

Slid the heat shrink tubing over and shrunk it down, and all fitted back in place. I've also cable tied the cable to the brake line so that it wont slip away and rub again.

Hope this helps some folk in the future.
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