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How to fix a radio in a 95 LWB?

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Ok so some fool decided they would take the radio out of my Rover before they gave it to me. However, I fear they were idiots or just plain lazy and decided to cut all the wires... So I went out and bought an original working range rover radio meant for the 95 LWB and wish to put it in. Yet, upon trying to put it in I noticed I was missing a few wires, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some instructions on how to take off the dash to get to the wiring, or if anyone wants to lend some experience? After all it truly isn't a Rover Ride without the Harmon Kardon blaring some "Down Under" now is it ? :dance:

Thanks guys and happy driving! 8)
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No, I don't think 'Down Under' is Rave. :D
No, I don't think 'Down Under' is Rave.
Hilarious. Good work :thumb:


RAVE is the workshop manual for your model year. Appprently it is available to download on line (search this forum for details) or you can buy it from ebay, etc.

Should have the right wiring diagram for you.
I can't seem to read these schematics on the RAVE manual haha. I am more of a visual kind of guy
If you read closely, you will see diagrams for each connector and the wires that go to it. I don't know how much more visual you want unless you need pictures of the mess behind the radio of someone else's truck. Keep in mind that the radio isn't worth squat if it does not have the code. Honestly you are better off investing in a new Alpine instead of the stock POS Clarion that came standard. Indeed the speakers will also need updating since the 16 year old ones in there are probably well worn out. The subwoofer probably needs replacement as well.
My 95 SWB came w/ a head made by Pioneer. It seems to be the one I see in most 95 RRC's. Anyway-it's audio quality (or lack thereof)sucks. I put a basic $300 newer deck in and what a difference!!!! I do miss the cool Weather band button though-I think it's the pilot in me. Anyway, if you change out the deck (head)then make sure you realize that those wires go to a power amp----not to speakers. The power amp wants to see a preamp signal-not power. You will want to use the RCA (preamp out) connectors with a new deck and not the speaker wires. This is definately the better way to deal with the audio in your RRC as the power amp and speaker set is very good. This retains the use of the knob up front for the sub woofer which I find nice to adjust from song to song. You can pull of the rear inside panel in the back passenger side to reveal the subwoofer and it's power amp. From here, you can figure out which wire is with with the front by testing front to back. jeff
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