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I have discovered a way to override the range rover alarm system.
I recently had the unpleasurable experience of the transmitter not responding while the vehicle was armed in the super locking mode. So the first thing I tried was the EKA procedure.....It did not work, in fact all it did was open the driver's door and trigger the alarm. All of the other doors including the rear hatch remained super locked. I attempted to start the vehicle and got a display on the dash that said "ENGINE IMMOBILIZED". I tried to resync the transmitter and that didn't do any good. After about an hour of trying to start the truck I got fed up and took of the driver's door panel to have a look at the wiring. I found a harness that comes from the actuator and plugs into the door control module; it has seven wires in it.

Orange w/ black actuator motor
Pink w/ black actuator motor
Blue w/ red alarm arm/ *alarm disarm
Green w/ red *alarm disarm
Purple w/ white doors unlock
Orange w/ white
Black *ground

Grounding the blue/red wire momentarily arms the alarm and locks the doors.
Grounding the blue/red wire a second time activates the super locking mode.
Grounding the purple/white wire while the alarm is armed will trigger (panic) the alarm.
Grounding the blue/red wire when the alarm has been triggered will silence the horn and stop the parking lights from flashing.
*I discovered that if you ground the blue/red wire & the green/red wire at the same time it disarms the security system even if it is in super locking mode, the immobilizer is also disarmed and allows the vehicle to be started.
Grounding the green/red wire while the alarm is in a disarmed state locks the doors without arming the alarm.
Grounding the purple/white wire while the alarm is in a disarmed state unlocks the doors.

My actuator was unplugged when I tested my new findings.
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