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How to bind seat/mirror settings to each keyfob?

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Hi all,
So, wife has a key, and I have a key. My steering wheel/seat/side mirrors position memory is on “1”. Hers is on “2”. How do we make the car “recognize” each key and select a specific set of settings when unlocking the car?
All this on a MY15 HSE LWB, in case it matters.

Right now, the car keeps the last setting, regardless of which key was used to unlock the it, making us press the “1” or “2” manually.

Turning the steering wheel adjustment joystick to “Auto” did not help.

I can’t find anything in the manual. Is that even possible? A setting set by the dealer?

Thank you very much
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I don't think Range Rovers have this option to remember key fob association with memory setting. Could be wrong. The 2 RRS (L494) I have does not have this feature.

Folks, even P38s back to 1997 had key fob activated seats, mirrors and dash lighting for remote number one linked with memory button number one. Remote number 2 activates the seat, mirror and dash lighting for memory button number two. To activate press the unlock button for over 1.5 seconds on either remote.

2003 and 2004 L322s had "Convenience Seats" which when remote number one was used to unlock the seat, mirrors and steering wheel would be moved to the number one button's memory programmed positions when the drivers door was opened. Same with remote number two being used to unlock and paired to memory button number two... when the driver's door was opened. It seems odd that such a basic feature was around 22 years ago was discontinued at some point. Most likely when Ford dropped BMW systems for Ford systems in 2007. Of course 2006 was the step child with the new Ford engines and drive train and BMW systems that never got along very well.
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Ha and yeah it's making its triumphant return in the 2020 Evoque with its AI-"enhanced" "Smart" Settings - I don't think my eyes could roll further back in my head.
Wait a minute, are you all saying that the L405 does not have separate personalized driver memory settings associated with each remote fob?
check your owners manual under the seats section.
well after Mac posted that Range Rover does not have this feature, and every Range Rover I have owned has had it...

It all comes down to folks not reading their owner's manual and not pressing and holding the unlock button to activate it.
Oh man. Should have RTFM. Now I have to try this. Thanks.

LMAO! I went through a few 405 manuals and NOPE.
LMAO! I went through a few 405 manuals and NOPE.
I thought you mentioned in another post you figured this out. I can’t find it in my manual either. In the Porsches I own there’s a button specifically for binding a key to a memory setting.
Now part of Range Rover lore, can't find it in the electronic manual either, search up the wazoo.... It's now another part of the uniqueness of the brand.

Ok but on my car (and other older JLR vehicles I’ve owned), pressing and holding the unlock button lowers all the windows. Is this definitely how the driver seat memory recall works? Can’t find anything online documenting this feature.
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