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Trippy to hear of your tow bar failure, Teekster. That's gotta be a rare (but SPOOKY) event!

Appreciate your advice, NorCalRR. And yes, your Labs are smarter than either of us, so defer to them as much as possible, so long as you clearly understand their instructions in whatever language they're speaking that day.

For the last couple years I've been curious about hitch safety factors as well, since that puts this all into perspective. As an ME, might you have insight into typical vehicle hitch safety factors? 1.5? 2? 2.5? 3? Always been curious about that. In my aerospace safety profession I deal with OSHA mandated safety factors such as for hoists/cranes, fall protection, etc.

(For those wondering about the term, a "1,000 lb capacity" assembly with an engineered safety factor of "2" might fail if recklessly exposed to around 2,000 lbs loading. As a real world example, OSHA generally requires construction scaffolding to be engineered with a safety factor of 4, or "Build it four times as strong as your highest anticipated loading." This also helps take into account future years of wear, aging, minor damage, surface corrosion, and sloppy installation.)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts